Learning Klingon helped man deal with dyslexia

I always love reading stories about geeks figuring out ways to help researchers figure out things like AIDS and find new planets. So I especially loved reading a BBC article about how a British man helped deal with his dyslexia by learning Klingon.

The man, Jonathan Brown, spent 12 years learning the fictional dialect of these Star Trek aliens. After being appointed the “linguist” on a CD intent on teaching others to learn the language, he realized it gave him a different way of dealing with words.

According to Brown, “It helped me identify my problem and found a way of working with my dyslexia.”

Brown, who is obviously a Star Trek fan, stated he loved the Klingon language and grew interested in learning it after he discovered a Klingon dictionary.

Brown explained that he always had difficulty with reading: “Dyslexia is not something you get over, you live with it. It’s not necessarily a hindrance, you just learn different ways to pick things up.”

He explained how learning Klingon helped him:

“Working on the translation has helped me understand where I’ve been having problems all my life with languages, I realised I’d been trying to remember the words in the name part of my brain and because I can’t remember names, I can’t remember the words.

“With the Klingon language games used on the CD, I tended to put words into a different place and it went into my long term memory.”

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