“Torchwood: Miracle Day” Review (Spoilers)

The season finale of Torchwood:Miracle Day aired over the weekend and I actually had a chance to watch it, in spite of a busy schedule. I have to admit that I have found this season to have both highs and lows, with unfortunately more lows, than highs. I liked the finale, but the very end leaves me perplexed.

So to sum up, this episode finds us seeing The Blessing for what it really is and we finally get an explanation as to what has happened to make everyone on earth basically immortal. Although we’re told time and again that there’s nothing special about Jack’s blood, we find out, that indeed, there is.Jack was made immortal by the time vortex, when Rose Tyler brought him back to life in the Doctor Who episode “The Parting of the Ways.” There is NOTHING in Jack’s blood that makes him immortal. This event made him a fixed point in time and that’s the explanation we’ve been told from then on out.

However, in this episode of Torchwood, suddenly, Jack’s blood is immortal. There is no mention of the time vortex during this season, although it is mentioned that there is nothing special about Jack’s blood. Don’t they think Jack would have known if there was? He knows what makes him immortal, after all. This is all covered in the Doctor Who episode “Utopia.”

And yet, in this episode, we’re told that Jack’s blood being immortal reset this thing, the Blessing, that more or less controls human lifespans, and it has been affected by Jack’s blood and caused everyone to be immortal.

Maybe I’ve missed something, but isn’t that a huge inconsistency with the universe Jack was created in (the universe of Doctor Who)? Have the writers decided to not follow along with that particular storyline? The Doctor is mentioned a few times during this season of Torchwood, so I would hope not.

With that being said, though, I did sort of enjoy the final episode. We finally got to the “meat” of the season, so to speak, especially since so many episodes of this season have been about nothing but exposition. I’m still unsure as to why John deLancie’s character was introduced into the series (along with others, especially towards the end of the story arc), but I love him all the same. There were also a few other characters that left me wondering what their point was, but I digress.

So Jack and Rex save the day because Jack’s blood is the key to resetting the Blessing to go back to how it was before the whole world couldn’t die. Rex has been transfused with Jack’s blood (I felt this was a little contrived, but whatever) and so they both sacrifice themselves so that their blood will save the day. But I’d already guessed that neither of them would, in fact, actually die. And I saw the ending coming a mile away, although it doesn’t make sense from what I’ve already said above.

This episode gave us action. And it was good. The ending was good, too, up until the point we see that Rex is, like Jack, now immortal. And again, I’m left scratching my head. Rex has not had any contact with the time vortex. Jack’s blood alone is not going to make him immortal. It’s not!!!!

Okay, maybe I didn’t enjoy this one as much as I originally thought. It’s impossible for me to get over that one major detail.

If anyone can explain how Jack’s blood is suddenly so darn important (after being told that it wasn’t), please share with me. I don’t get it. And the whole point of Jack is that he’s the only one like himself on the whole planet. If we have another immortal, that ruins the entire concept.

Obviously, the story didn’t end as a nice package wrapped up with a bow. Starz had to give us a cliffhanger. Apparently, the people responsible for Miracle Day have a plan B. But as I’ve previously reported, we’re probably not ever going to see it.

And after this series, I don’t think maybe we really want or need to.

Torchwood: Children of Earth was a much better story and told in a much better way. Because it was only a five-parter, we never had a lot of exposition and the storytelling was much tighter. It’s a pity Miracle Day couldn’t have been like that.

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