New Gallifrey One Guests Announced

Eric Roberts

In case you haven’t read a lot of my blog, I attend a con every year (okay, technically, I’ve only been twice) called Gallifrey One. As I have previously posted, I will also be at next year’s con, with bells on. I’m looking forward to seeing the cast from the Doctor Who movie, which was, technically, my first ever exposure to the wonderful world of Doctor Who. I owe that film my fandom, I suppose.

A new guest was announced today from that film, and I was sort of hoping that he would be there. Eric Roberts, along with his wife Eliza (who played his wife in the movie) has been confirmed as a Gallifrey One guest. This is kind of awesome because I once had a working relationship with Eliza (and had several emails from Eric) concerning Keaton Simons, a musical artist I once worked with and Eliza’s son. Eric was always so cool in that he was always promoting Keaton and his music. I never had the opportunity to meet either of them in person, though, so it will be nice to finally meet face to face.

John deLancie

Another guest that I am super excited about that was announced today was none other than Q himself, John deLancie. But I know John deLancie from my youth as he played one of my favorite characters on television in a little soap opera called Days of Our Lives. 20 points to the person who can name that character, by the way (and no cheating and looking it up on IMDB). I was only into the whole soaps thing for a short time, but he’s the main reason I watched. And then, of course, he was Q on Star Trek, another character I simply adored. And of course, he just finished a stint on Torchwood: Miracle Day, too.

So the next question I have to ask: Is it February yet?

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