“Mass Effect” film starting to sound bad

As I’ve previously stated, I was excited about an upcoming Mass Effect film. The story created in the game has such depth to it, and even emotion, and the characters are perfect for translating to the big screen. And I was even more excited to hear that Bioware would have a hand in making the movie. At that point, I asked “What could go wrong?”

I’ll tell you what could go wrong. According to G4, the new Mass Effect film is getting the Hollywood treatment. Which means, we’ll have yet one more video game movie that will probably suck. Not a lot of information has been released, but there’s now enough out there to seriously disappoint me, as a fan of the video game series.

First, the film will revolve around a male Shepard. I should have seen that coming. Hollywood is terrified of casting a female in a lead role in a major science fiction film. The problem is that male Shepard is pretty boring, as a character, and almost anyone who has played female Shepard will say that she is the stronger and better choice of the two.

Next? No Seth Green as Joker. That alone is enough for me to boycott the film. Joker is such an integral character in the games and not having him in the film is a huge mistake. He’s a fan favorite.

Third? The film will focus on a “new story.” This is the part that worries me the most. This is what the other video game movies try to do. And they have mostly failed. We don’t need a new story because the story of the first Mass Effect game is solid. It’s perfect for film adaptation and would appeal to both fans of the games and non-fans. It has great action and great emotion. Writing something completely new? Well, that’s what everyone else has already done.

So I appeal to you Bioware and Legendary Pictures. Please listen to the fans and don’t mess this up. We want female Shepard and we want the Mass Effect story that we already love. And for gods sake, give us Seth Green as Joker! Otherwise, just don’t bother.

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