I wrote a story

I have been working on a novel since this summer, but I honestly never thought I would finish the first draft. I tend to be overly-critical and then go back and re-read stuff and then re-write it, so I would never get too far into the story. So I just decided to devote an hour a day to just writing the story and worrying about the rest later. This was almost impossible for me, but somehow, it worked.

And as of today, I can say that “Zeus, Inc.” is now a reality. The first draft of this novel is done. Although technically, now, it’s just a novella of about 30,000 words. But I have some things that I’m already planning for the re-write, so maybe I’ll get to novel status eventually. I’m not really worried about word count, though. Because it was about telling this story that’s been locked inside my head since I had this crazy dream about it.

So what’s it about?

In the year 2061, Zeus, Inc. and it’s CEO, the mysterious Mr. Brentwood, has saved the world from a major energy crisis using a newly discovered unlimited energy source. There’s just one problem. Mr. Brentwood stole this energy source and those he stole it from are coming after him.┬áIt’s up to Private Eye Alex Grosjean to not only save Mr. Brentwood, but also the world.

Of course, that’s subject to change in the re-writes. That’s the beauty of writing, though, isn’t it?

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