I wrote a story

I wrote a story

I have been working on a novel since this summer, but I honestly never thought I would finish the first draft. I tend to be overly-critical and then go back and re-read stuff and then re-write it, so I would never get too far into the story. So I just decided to devote an hour a day to just writing the story and worrying about the rest later. This was almost impossible for me, but somehow, it worked.

And as of today, I can say that “Zeus, Inc.” is now a reality. The first draft of this novel is done. Although technically, now, it’s just a novella of about 30,000 words. But I have some things that I’m already planning for the re-write, so maybe I’ll get to novel status eventually. I’m not really worried about word count, though. Because it was about telling this story that’s been locked inside my head since I had this crazy dream about it.

So what’s it about?

In the year 2061, Zeus, Inc. and it’s CEO, the mysterious Mr. Brentwood, has saved the world from a major energy crisis using a newly discovered unlimited energy source. There’s just one problem. Mr. Brentwood stole this energy source and those he stole it from are coming after him. It’s up to Private Eye Alex Grosjean to not only save Mr. Brentwood, but also the world.

Of course, that’s subject to change in the re-writes. That’s the beauty of writing, though, isn’t it?

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