What does it mean to be a fan?

As this is a blog about being a fan of some thing (or, in my case, a multitude of things), I started to question exactly what it means to be a fan.

I’ve been a member of various fandoms, as well as a lot of fandom communities, some of which I’ve run myself. And I’ve noticed that not all fandoms are created equal.

Some fandoms are super laid back, some are insane 100% of the time, some are judgemental and some are not. Some think you should not be a fan of other things because this one thing should consume all of your time and others think it’s okay if you’re a fan of a lot of different things.

Some fandoms think that if you’re not spending every last dollar on your fandom that you’re not really a fan at all. Others don’t care if you spend $1 or $1000.

But my friend, Nutty, summed it up best:

“A fan is not a person with a collection, tee shirts, ticket stubs or pictures, it’s a person who loves something. That’s all.”

I love lots of things. I can’t help it. I’m passionate about everything I write about here on the blog. Whether it’s Doctor Who or Duran Duran or the Bioshock video games or Battlestar Galactica or George R.R. Martin or Marvel films, etc., etc., etc. I love those things with all my heart.

Someone once told me that they envied me that passion. And I thought that was really cool.

Some fandoms I choose to spend money on. Some fandoms I travel cross-country or across the world for (David Tennant, I’m looking at you). Others I’m happy with just admiring from afar. Some have communities that I adore. Others have communities I’m not so fond of. Some fandoms I have been a part of for over 20 years, some for only a few years. But it still doesn’t change the fact that I love all of those things and take great enjoyment in them.

So what do you, my readers, think? What is fandom to you?

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