New “Terra Nova” Poster

I’m hearing a lot of good buzz about the new Stephen Spielberg-produced t.v. series Terra Nova. Premiering on September 26 on Fox, this new sci-fi series will follow an ordinary family back in time to prehistoric Earth as part of an experiment to save mankind.

I know, I know. It sounds a lot like Land of the Lost. But Stephen Spielberg puts out good stuff, so let’s give it the benefit of the doubt, shall we?

Here’s a new promotional poster:


2 thoughts on “New “Terra Nova” Poster

  • August 29, 2011 at 5:50 pm

    I’m anxiously waiting for this show.  I’m hoping it has a great run similar to Lost or other shows of that genre.  Maybe with Steven Spielberg’s name attached to it, it’ll have a good life.  A show I’m really going to miss is The Event and V, two shows that might not have been top on the ratings, but still had fan base and killed way too early without wrapping up the series.  Terra Nova from what I’ve seen looks really good though.  Another similar themed show where the planet was dying, Earth 2 in the mid 90’s.

    • August 31, 2011 at 2:56 pm

      I’m hoping for a sort of “Lost” vibe with this one, too. I miss that sort of storytelling where you just couldn’t wait for the next episode! I really enjoyed “The Event” and I don’t think NBC really let it find its stride – especially there towards the end, it was getting so good! 

      And I loved Earth 2!

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