Help fund a new comic by Blair Shedd

We’ve mentioned illustrator and writer Blair Shedd in the past (as well as interviewed him), but now he’s set up a new project on KickStarter. If Blair raises the funds he needs, we will get THE RAPTOR: FPS, a 49-page, full-color, one-shot comic, written, drawn, colored, and lettered by Blair himself.

So what’s the comic about?

“A missing video camera, the Russian Mob, and the masked vigilante known as The Raptor come into play in THE RAPTOR: FPS.

Journalism student Kathy Walsh and her boyfriend Paul Clemens have been found dead, their video camera missing.  Finding they have a personal connection to the victims, detectives Jason Hawking and Willow Barnes of the NYPD Special Crimes Squad take the case.

As the detectives scramble to solve the murder, they discover that not only might their suspects be part of the Russian Mob, but that The Raptor may have a private stake in the case as well.”

So head on over to and help Blair out. There are plenty of great incentives (including donation options that gets you in the comic as one of its characters!) and help fund something that… to sum up… will be really cool.

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