Doctor Who: Let’s Kill Hitler Prequel

This was posted to most websites yesterday, but I’m a day late. Sorry! I just wasn’t thrilled with the last few episodes of the show and I’m having trouble finding enthusiasm for the rest of the season. I’m really hoping the show does pick up, but I’m also hoping this trailer isn’t a sign that the entire last half of this season will be “the search for River to make Amy happy.”

Honestly, I’m sort of not happy that a show called Doctor Who seems to be more about a companion than the Doctor himself. Or maybe I’m just being a Missus Grumpy Pants today.

[tubepress video=”HRqG64hDs4s”]

So… what are your thoughts on the show so far? What are your hopes for future episodes?

Ironically enough, I will not be around to watch the next episode on August 27th. I have a ticket to see the 10th Doctor, David Tennant, and former companion Catherine Tate in London in “Much Ado About Nothing.” Now there’s a doctor-companion relationship I adored.

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