Torchwood: Miracle Day Episode 1 (Spoilers)

I think my first reaction upon beginning to watch the first episode of Torchwood: Miracle Day was “Wow.” Having last seen our favorite alien-investigating crew in “Children of Earth,” I was wondering how the show could recover from the brilliance of that. Well, my question has been answered as “Miracle Day” is a solid follow-up to the “Children of Earth” storyline and even somehow has already managed to one-up it.

The new series begins with Gwen, Rhys and baby hiding out in some otherwise uninhabited part of Wales, safe from the reaches of the now-defunct Torchwood and anyone else. They are living a normal Welsh country life, but it’s obvious that it hasn’t been easy, especially for Gwen.

When Gwen gets a call from our favorite police officer, Andy, about her father having a heart attack, she goes running back to Cardiff. There, she discovers that something has happened. Something that’s being called “Miracle Day” by the media. Something that involves not a single person on earth dying.

Immediately, you see the wheels turning in her head, even as Rhys begs her not to get interested.

Meanwhile, in America, a very creepy convicted murderer/pedophile (played amazingly well by Bill Pullman) has been put to death via lethal injection. However, “Miracle Day” strikes and even he is allowed to live. Because of this, he ends up going free.

And just when we’re starting to wonder when he’s about to show up, Captain Jack Harkness puts in an appearance. And he’s as handsome and gallant, as ever. Apparently, he’s over that whole Ianto thing.

Captain Jack follows a CIA agent (another survivor of “Miracle Day”) to Wales, where they track down Gwen and Rhys. Unfortunately, someone else has found them and pursues the team (back together again) in a helicopter. Gwen, being the complete bad arse that she is, takes the helicopter out with a bazooka.

Torchwood has returned and is now heading to America, thanks to the CIA agent. And that’s where this episode ended.

To say it was brilliant is an understatement. However, halfway through the episode, I was nearly in tears because I realized how much I’d missed this particular cast of characters. That is not to say that the new cast members that we’ve seen so far aren’t up to the task, though. Mekhi Phifer is a stand-out as the CIA agent who didn’t die, the man who not only tracked down Torchwood, but also is bringing them to the U.S.

Unfortunately, the only thing that sucks about this episode is that we have to wait another week to find out what happens next.

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