There will be a Thor 2

As I’ve already stated, I loved Thor. As far as superhero films go, it was unique. A lot of this had to do with Kenneth Branagh’s direction, not to mention a great script that was much more intelligent than the likes of say a Green Lantern or X-Men: First Class.

I was excited to hear about a sequel, until I learned that Branagh has already stated he would not return for it.

Chris Hemsworth, however, is on board for a sequel. However, no word from Natalie Portman’s camp yet as to whether she will be returning or not.

A lot of people think that Thor was and should remain a one-shot movie. I’m on the fence about this, but I am fearful that no other director will be able to do the character justice. Let’s face it – the Thor character in the comic books borders on the ridiculous and it will take a deft directing hand to allow us to continue to believe in the character on-screen. I’m just not sure anyone else has the directing chops for it.

Besides, we’ll get more Thor in the upcoming The Avengers. Isn’t that enough?

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