The Daleks Meet Google+

One of my Google+ friends posted this and I had to share. As I’ve become a huge fan of Google+ (yes, it really is a million times better than Facebook), I enjoyed this video quite a bit.

If you have not tried Google + yet and would like to, let me know in the comments by leaving me your gmail address. I have invites!

[tubepress video=”lqENJYX47jE”]

3 thoughts on “The Daleks Meet Google+

  • July 15, 2011 at 5:28 pm

    Google- more like.  Why do we need another “social network” Exactly anyway?  I keep hearing “to get away from Facebook”  so….antisocial network would be more appropriate. All I’ve heard, actually, about Google+ is “You need an invite.”   

    That just makes me roll my eyes.  Also when they go to non-invite, or everyone’s invited everyone, it’ll either die like myspace has or it’ll become the next facebook (which I doubt)  

    It took you pestering and prodding and bugging me to get on face book. (Same w/twitter and LJ ) so…you’ll have to start pestering me. *chuckle*

    • July 16, 2011 at 7:50 pm

      I believe the first thing I’ll say is “Don’t knock it, until you try it.” Google+ is a much better network in that it allows you to have circles that you can choose to post to. And the invite is because IT’S IN BETA. It’s not public yet. They’re still testing it. And the invites can come from people already on Google+ – it’s not that exclusive.

      I can actually post personal stuff on Google+ whereas I can’t on Twitter or Facebook. I have a group of friends that are part of my “Inner Circle” who get posts targeted directly at them on Google+. Or I can send links and things to just people who are in my “Music” circle.

      There’s also the matter that there aren’t any games on Google+. I like having an actual social network where people aren’t begging for things for their virtual zoo.

      Basically, remember how Facebook killed MySpace because it was simple? Google+ is going to do that to Facebook (because Facebook is not as simple anymore – they forgot why people were using it in the first place).

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