Teen Wolf and Chloe King: Better than Twilight

Hulu Plus has recently added quite a bit of new content, especially over the last week. I actually had it for awhile, but dropped it because all of my shows were web-only (I watch on the XBox 360). However, thanks to a free month deal for connecting my Hulu to my Facebook, I have Hulu Plus again. And this time, I think I might keep it.

Several of the shows that I regularly watch are now available for Hulu Plus, but there are also a few new additions that have caught my eye. Two of these were the MTV Teen Wolf series, as well as The Nine Lives of Chloe King. So I sat down in front of my t.v. last night, fired up Hulu Plus on the XBox and watched.

Teen Wolf

I really thought this show was going to suck. I already have fond memories of the movie with Michael J. Fox (who, from my generation, doesn’t?) and even remember as a teenager thinking it would be really cool if I climbed on top of my car while my friend was driving and cruising down the street (yeah, I did it. It’s a miracle I’m alive, right?).

So hearing that MTV was making this into a series made me cringe.

Except that when I started watching the first episode of Teen Wolf, I realized it was actually pretty darn good.

This is the sort of treatment that the Buffy: The Vampire Slayer movie got when it came to t.v. It’s less comedy and dark and gritty. And it has characters that you really like.

Let’s start with Scott, who is portrayed by Tyler Posey. The kid is the perfect example of the lovable “loser” Michael J. Fox portrayed in the film. Instead of basketball, though, this kid is mediocre at field hockey. Of course, until he gets bitten by a werewolf. And then all bets are off. You immediately like this kid, though, and find yourself rooting for him. Great casting on the part of MTV.

I also like Dylan O’Brien as Scott’s best friend, Stiles. He has this crazy energy about him, which is a perfect compliment to Posey’s more “less is more” approach.

The writing is not dumbed down for a teen audience (as I had expected) and is actually pretty smart. It’s an entertaining series, I’ll have to admit.

This show is actually pretty good. I’m looking forward to seeing more episodes. And it seems MTV has a hit on its hands, as well. Teen Wolf has just been given a season 2 by the network.

The Nine Lives of Chloe King

I did not like this show as much as Teen Wolf, but it still has enough of my attention for me to keep watching.

The premise of the show is a little out there (and I say that after reviewing a series about a boy turning into a werewolf). Chloe King seems like an average teenager, but she’s going through some changes. To sum up, she’s basically a cat woman. Not THE cat woman, but definitely some sort of human-cat hybrid.

I like cats. Of course, I’m going to watch this show.

The explanation of who she is and how she has these cat abilities is a little far-fetched (I won’t spoil it for you) and the fact that she’s “THE ONE” to save their kind is way too predictable in this sort of series. However, Skyler Samuels as the title character is likable enough to forgive that.

This is, however, obviously a series targeted at teen girls and there is some teen girl squealing occasionally that makes me cringe, but I think it has potential.

In other words, the jury is out on this series until I see more episodes.

So have you watched either of these shows? What’s your opinion on them?

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