Mass Effect: The Movie

I’m not normally excited about video game movies, because let’s face it – they usually suck. However, when you’ve got a game that has great characters and an even better story, you want to see it make the transition to the big screen. And thanks to Legendary Pictures and Bioware, the Mass Effect movie has begun production.

The game’s creators, Casey Hudson and Mark Protosevich, discussed the film briefly at the Legendary panel at this year’s Comic Con. According to Hudson, the film will be different as the game itself has such strong characters. They also stated that they felt the universe of Mass Effect would translate as well to film as the universe for such films as Star Wars and Lord of the Rings.

And you know what? I agree completely.

Hudson (who is also attached to the film project) is making sure that the film will include scenes and ideas that they know the fans will love. Personally, I’m curious about the big decision scene that takes place on Ilos. Which way will it go?

Finally, Hudson and Protosevich stated that working with Legendary has allowed them to make sure their movie will be different from other video game movies.

So here’s hoping Hollywood doesn’t frak it up. If they leave the story and characters intact from the game, they can’t go wrong.

I do, however, have one recommendation:

Female Shepard. EVERYONE knows that’s the better storyline. EVERYONE. And it’s time we saw a kick-butt female in a big-budget science fiction film again. Really, Hollywood, everyone who’s played Mass Effect will tell you that the female Shepard works much better, story-wise and character-wise, than the male. WE WANT FEMALE SHEPARD!!!

Make it happen. Now.

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