The Wii U Clarification

Finally! Someone has clarified exactly what Nintendo was trying to show us. The Wii U is actually a console (which we did not see or even hear about during the presentation) and that handheld thing that isn’t a handheld is the controller for that. Why couldn’t Nintendo have just said that? Instead, they focused so much on this controller with the display that they managed to confuse their audience.

According to Nintendo of Japan, via Joystiq:

The console will output games in high definition, now revealed as ranging from 480i to 1080p. Moreover, the Wii U will output HD by employing HDMI.¬†As far as internal storage goes, it’s still unclear whether or not the Wii U will come packed with an HDD,but the specs sheet does amorphously detail “internal flash storage,” as well as an SD slot and the ability to use USB storage.¬†Notably, the list points out that the USB storage will allow for external HDDs. And while the disc slot gives us the impression that Wii U games will be disc-based, Nintendo has yet to reveal its medium of choice.

Whoever organizes the press conferences for Nintendo seriously needs to get fired. If they had just said something about the console BEFORE going on and on and on about the controller, everyone wouldn’t have been so confused.

This also makes sense since they did mention that the system is backwards compatible with previous Wii hardware and games.

So finally, the Wii U unit wants to compete with XBox 360 and Sony for hardcore gamers.

I cannot, however, imagine playing for hours on end with that big display touchscreen device, though, so I’m still not feeling this new console.

As far as price goes, no one has said anything yet, but obviously, the Wii U will have to be priced competitively with the systems already out there that hardcore gamers are using. We’re not paying $500 for yet another system to play games on that we already have for the XBox 360. That controller is not going to be a game changer, in that aspect.

So the controller is not a handheld, as I’d thought, that works with the existing Wii. It’s just that – a controller.

Which is sort of sad because if it were a handheld, it would probably be a lot more impressive.

And the name… well… it sucks.

But hey, at least we know what they’re talking about now.

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