More “The Hobbit” Casting News

I could not imagine this film getting any better, but every time there’s a new casting announcement from Peter Jackson, somehow it does.

It has been confirmed that two more names have been added to the cast list for Peter Jackson’s “The Hobbit.” Both Evangeline Lily (“Lost”) and Barry Humphries (otherwise known as Dame Edna) have been added as characters in the film.

Lily will be playing Tauriel, a new character being added to the story. Tauriel is a woodland elf. Personally? I think this sounds like perfect casting. There’s something very elf-like about Evangeline Lily, after all. And us “Lost” fans have already seen how she looks running through the forest, right?

Humphries will be portraying the Goblin King, in much the same manner (motion capture) as Andy Serkis plays Gollum. Having not seen Humphries outside of his portrayal of Dame Edna, I’m very curious as to how this will look, but I trust Jackson’s decisions in all other things, so I’m sure the performance will end up being brilliant.

According to Jackson, the film has finished its first block of shooting.

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