Misfits Review (No Spoilers)

When Hulu announced that it was picking up some British series to exclusively show here in the U.S., I was pretty excited as two of the three shows they announced were science fiction. Let’s face it: the British know how to do science fiction well. And Misfits, the first of the exclusive shows Hulu is giving us here in the States, is a prime example of that.

Misfits is a British drama series about a group of young offenders forced to work community service. During the course of their work, they gain supernatural powers when an unexpected storm hits where they’re painting park benches.

Without giving anything away, I just want to tell you all to GO WATCH THIS SHOW NOW. It is available on both Hulu and Hulu Plus and is one of those shows you are not going to want to miss. I just finished watching the first episode and I am already hooked.

Yes, the whole people with superhero powers has been done to death, especially recently. But not like this. This show is both dark and laugh-out-loud funny, all in the same breath. It is violent and lewd, much like its cast of characters. And this gives the whole “people with super powers” genre a whole new perspective.

I’ve seen where this show has been described as a mix between Skins and Heroes and that actually sounds about right, if you can imagine that.

This is the show Heroes wishes it had been. It takes itself seriously, but also laughs at itself, too, mostly through the dialogue of one of the main characters, Nathan, wonderfully portrayed by Robert Sheehan. The entire cast, though, are good, as is the writing and direction. And there are several familiar faces in the series, including Michelle Fairley from Game of Thrones as Nathan’s mother.

I don’t want to give too much of the show away, though, because I really want you to watch it. Not only do you get to support great science fiction, but you also can support the concept of viewing television programming on the internet since this will only be shown here in the U.S. on Hulu. This is the future of t.v., folks, and it means that everything is changing. Original programming that can only be found online, and not on a cable or premium network.

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