Happy First Day of E3

Today is the day that video gamers get all excited, myself included. We’ll see trailers for games we’ve been itching to play and get announcements from the consoles and game developers that will hopefully make our minds explode. Today is the first (and my favorite) day of E3! So to get things started, there are a ton of rumors and possible news already circulating.

Rumors and/or News:

With Sony’s press briefing scheduled for later today, evidence continues to mount that the new Sony hand-held NGP will be renamed the “PlayStation Vita.”

New domain registrations hint at Microsoft partnering with Disney Parks for Kinect.

EA has announced that Sims 3 will be adding pets.

It was also reported that Nintendo has confirmed that it was hacked. However, Nintendo says no user information was obtained. LulzSec claims responsibility and posts the server config file.

This rumor makes me HAPPY! Internet super-sleuth Superannuation has spotted a list of new Microsoft-related domain registrations for several properties, one of which is for Fable: The Journey, possibly a Kinect title. When I first saw Kinect (then Project Natal) demoed at E3 several years ago, my first thought was that it would be PERFECT for Fable.

Rachet & Clank developer Insomniac will be unveiling a new multiplatform game at E3 this year at the EA Press Conference.

Stay tuned. There will be more. Happy E3 Day!

(Please note that coverage for tomorrow’s Nintendo Press Conference will be a little late. As it’s also my Movie Tuesday, I have to go check out XMen: First Class and get a review written for that. However, I will post a summary of that press conference later in the day. I’m not a huge Nintendo fan, so it’s not much of a priority of mine anyway).

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