Gallifrey One New Guests Announced

I was so busy working this morning that I almost missed the Gallifrey One announcement adding to their guest list for the 2012 con. And then I had to take some time to squee once I did read it. This is going to be one of the best Gallifrey One cons I’ve been to (okay, so I’ve only been to two, but still).

So in addition to the previous lineup (Paul McGann, Louise Jameson, William Russell, Mary Tamm, Yee Jee Tso and Jake McGann), the Gallifrey One organizers announced a new round-up of guests this morning.

Joining us in 2012 will be <insert drum roll here> Camille Coduri (Jackie Tyler), Mark Sheppard (CIA Agent Delaware and Supernatural’s Crowley), Maureen O’Brian (Vicki) and Daphne Ashbrook (I saw her last year, but seeing her with McGann is going to be well worth the price of admission).

Even better? This list is not even complete yet!

If you’re going to book for Gallifrey One, better do it now. The con block for the hotel is already gone (it sold out in a matter of hours), but rooms are still available for $109/night at the con hotel, the Los Angeles Airport Marriott. Also, registration goes up at the end of this month, so get your tickets now!

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