E3 Day Two

So we got through the first day of E3, which is always the most harrowing. Press conference after press conference and game trailer after game trailer. Today, hopefully, will be a little easier. I’m still debating if I’m even going to watch the Nintendo conference, but because people actually seem to be reading these blog posts, I will. But again, that one will be written up a little later (possibly tomorrow, actually). However, there’s still plenty of news and trailers coming out of E3 and here’s what we have at the beginning of today:

PlayStation Vita

I think this is the big ticket item to come out of E3 this year. This little portable is going to change the way we game on portables. And probably convince some of us hardcore gamers to go portable. We’ve already seen some titles being announced, but there are a few new ones this morning, including two Oddworld games, Ridge Racer, Virtua Tennis 4. ¬†All of this plus an Uncharted game, Little Big Planet and a Bioshock game. I only wish this was coming out before August so I could take it on my trip to Europe with me. I could use this sort of entertainment on that long flight. Oh, well, this is my Christmas present, I suppose, this year.

More Sony Hacking

Meanwhile, Hacker collective LulzSec announced that once again it has compromised the Sony BMG servers. As proof, LulzSec posted network maps from a Sony BMG office in New York City, as well as some Sony developer source code. At this point, I’m starting to feel sorry for Sony, which I hardly think is the hackers’ point.

Cloud Storage on XBox 360

Well, Sony is doing it, so I figured XBox would as well. Everyone is going cloud these days, including some company that has a fruit for a logo. I forget the name as I’ve been so engrossed with E3 while they were having some lesser conference. This is hardly a new concept, after all.

Now how about some more trailers:

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