Doctor Who: “The Almost People” Review (Spoilers)

Thanks to a rather stupid decision on the part of the BBC, Americans had to wait a week to view the last part of the two-parter that begin with the episode of “The Rebel Flesh.” I found the week between episodes to give me just enough time to forget a lot of the details of the previous episode as I didn’t necessarily feel that it was all that memorable anyway.

The follow-up episode is slightly more entertaining, only that it offers more surprises in the way of Amy, and it gives us two Doctors on the screen. That’s right, TWO!

If you recall, at the end of “The Rebel Flesh,” one of the gangers takes on the form of the Doctor. Well, in this episode, both Doctors are running about and saying things like “Wowza” and are generally being very Doctor-ish. Poor Amy seems to think she has them both figured out, but as we see at the end of the episode, she couldn’t have been more wrong.

I felt more of an emotional connection with the gangers in the second part of the story arc, especially now that one of them was The Doctor. And the Jen ganger who goes all psychotic was truly frightening when she took on her spider-ish form.

All in all, not one of the best story arcs in Doctor Who, but as we saw at the end, the Amy storyline of “Is she or isn’t she pregnant” gets a surprising twist. The Amy that we’ve come to know throughout most of this season is actually a ganger! Which explains why she was more tolerable to watch (I kid… maybe).

I did think it odd that after the Doctor fought so hard to get the gangers recognized as actual people that he had no problem in getting rid of Amy’s ganger so quickly via sonic screwdriver. Why would he do that? Maybe that’s something we’ll learn the answer to later on.

At the end of this episode, we see Amy in a futuristic clinic, just about to give birth. To what? Who knows?

I’m sure the Brits already have the answer to this, as well as the solution to who River Song is, but we mere Americans have to wait until next week when the mid-season finale airs. I’m still not entirely sure what point the BBC was trying to make in advertising that the series would air on the same day in both the UK and the US when that wasn’t for every episode. I’m also assuming we’ll have similar shenanigans (to quote the Doctor: “I like that word”) once the series returns in August.

So what do you think? Who or What exactly is Amy giving birth to? However, please do not post spoilers if you’ve already seen “A Good Man Goes to War.”

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