Benedict Cumberbatch to voice Smaug in “The Hobbit”

If all of the casting news coming out of Peter Jackson’s “The Hobbit,” doesn’t have you excited yet, perhaps this might do the trick. It was announced yesterday that “Sherlock’s” Benedict Cumberbatch will be the voice of the dragon Smaug. This is pretty interested as he is also providing the voice of Necromancer, as well.

But don’t worry, season 2 of “Sherlock” is on its way.

Cumberbatch is, however, only one man in an all-star cast that includes Aidan Turner, James Nesbitt, Martin Freeman, Sylvester McCoy, Luke Evans, Andy Serkis, Ian McKellan, Cate Blanchett, Elijah Wood, Hugo Weaving, Lee Pace, Orlando Bloom, Stephen Fry, Christopher Lee, Ian Holm and more.

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