The Future – Trailer

I was surfing the website for some upcoming movie information and a trailer for a film called The Future caught my eye.  I watched and was immediately was intrigued when I realized that it was narrated by a cat. I’m a cat person, what can I say?

But after having watched this trailer, I was mesmerized and even got goose bumps at the story that was being shown in just this little snippet of scenes cut together. For me? This movie could be my favorite film of the year. Even if I have to wait to see it on DVD or Netflix since it’s one of those little indie movies that tends to get overlooked.

But you can tell from this trailer that it’s brilliant.

The film is about a couple who are adopting a cat from a shelter. They have to wait 30 days so that the cat’s broken leg can heal and can get all of its necessary shots. The couple decides to live the last “free from pets” days of their lives as if they were their last.

Did I mention it’s narrated by a cat? I’m sold.

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