The Event Season Finale (No Spoilers)

This is a spoiler-free review. But it’s not so much a review as to tell you how wonderful this series really is. And you should really check it out on Amazon or iTunes or Hulu Plus when you get a chance. Trust me, you’ll like it. The show did get cancelled by NBC, but it is being shopped to other networks, and maybe if there is enough interest, we’ll see it again.

Because, you see, I have to find out what happens next. The season finale was so wonderfully brilliant and we’re finally finding out what the big event really is. It’s nothing that we’d already thought of, but something that sounds pretty terrifying.

NBC admitted that the mid-season hiatus killed this show, but anyone with half a brain could have said that a serial like this can not possibly benefit from having a three-month gap in the middle of its first season. But we have seen time and again that networks really don’t know how to treat science fiction. And don’t seem to want to figure it out.

The show stars Jason Ritter, who is absolutely wonderful in his role of Sean Walker, a computer genius, who just happens to be in love with the daughter of an airline pilot. The show starts with showing this pilot about to crash a plane into the White House. Jason brings the right amount of bravado to the role, but also has a great emotional range that he works with, as an actor, as well.

I also adore Blair Underwood as President Martinez. I can’t help but to think he’s based a little on our current President Obama, a minority in the White House struggling to find the right balance between putting his foot down and having compassion.

Laura Innes plays the convoluted Sophia, originally a captive of a secret prison, along with others like her. This character struggles between doing what’s right for her people and just doing what she feels is right. Innes shines in the role.

Finally, Hal Holbrook has a minor role as a man who knows more than anyone else about Sophia and her people. And we just start to learn what he knows in this final episode, although not all (obviously) has yet to be revealed.

So I want another season. I want to know exactly what the event is and why everyone (even Sophia’s people) seem to fear it.

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