Season Finales (The Vampire Diaries, Supernatural, Glee) – Spoilers

I figured since it’s season finale season in Hollywood, it might be easier for me to just type all of my season finale reviews into one post. These are going to be spoilery so stop reading now if you don’t want to know what’s happened with these three shows.

The Vampire Diaries

My biggest beef with this show and the season finale is this: people just don’t die. And I mean that as an insult. EVERYONE comes back to life or has come back to life at one point or another. Which I’m really starting to find annoying. Because now when someone dies, there is zero emotional involvement because you know they’ll be back.

And I can guarantee that Jenna is not dead. Just you wait. Or worse… she’ll appear as a ghost as two previous dead characters did for Jeremy after he died and came back to life. This spoils an otherwise entertaining series for me, but I’ll still watch. Why? Ian Somerhalder. And yeah, we knew his character wouldn’t die. He’s the reason, I think, most of us watch, right?


I found myself disappointed with the finale this year. The season had led up to something that I thought would be better than ending the story with Castiel taking his new powers gained from the souls of purgatory and calling himself a new god. Not only was that ending predictable, but completely out of line with the character. It seriously irked me. And that whole bit of Sam having to put his mental soul pieces back together? Unnecessary and boring.

The season built up to what I thought would be an extraordinary bang, but it went out with a whimper. I always kept thinking they should have ended the show with last season, as originally intended. Right now, though, the strength of this show lies in the episodes that aren’t about angels and the apocalypse. I love Misha Collins, but I’m sick of Castiel.

I like the episodes that are about investigating weird occurrences and finding out what they are.  I was over the demons vs. angels thing last season. Been there, done that.

But I’ll watch next season. Why? Jared Padalecki. Who also won’t die. Come to think of it, Raphael died in this episode and came right back, too. I’m sensing a disturbing television trend here. Although it’s more like “to hell and back” on this show. Two of the characters have literally been to hell, survived and came back.


So the kids made it to the big New York City and we have a whole episode about how fantastic New York is and how all of their dreams are going to come true. Obviously, we knew they would not win Nationals because that would defeat the whole purpose of the show. But now we’re back to the Finn and Rachel on and off again thing. BORING. And the season finale was a huge letdown after last week’s more emotional episode.  I didn’t feel anything emotionally watching the finale, but maybe that’s because it was so Rachel-centric. That character was cute about two episodes in, but now, I just want to slap her and tell her about the REAL realities of running off to New York to follow your dream. You know, the one where you end up singing on the street for spare change. Okay, maybe that’s harsh, but still. I just really hate that character. And I’m sort of sick of hearing her sing every other song in the show.

I also found the original songs they performed pretty lackluster. And I had a hard time suspending disbelief when they basically wrote all of the songs during the few days they were actually in New York right before the competition. And somehow managed to have time to rehearse and choreograph them, as well? Um… okay…

Finally, I was so sure Quinn would do something to sabotage the competition since it was mentioned in the previous episode but nothing came of that. I was quite disappointed actually. That would have at least given the episode some conflict to work with. There is no story without conflict, after all.

But I’ll watch next season. But there isn’t a hot guy making me. I just really like Jane Lynch. Oh, wait! NOW I know what that episode was missing. No Sue Sylvester! What were they thinking?

What did you think of this round of season finales? Did they live up to expectations or did they fall flat?

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