Full Length Torchwood Trailer

Access Hollywood posted a short Torchwood: Miracle Day trailer/teaser about a month ago, but it wasn’t very satisfying. Fortunately, a new longer trailer was released about a week ago and now we can get a good preview of Starz treatment of the series.

I have previously posted a rundown of the new characters here, as well.

A lot of people who aren’t familiar with Torchwood seem to think this is a Starz original series. It is not. It is a previous BBC series (a spin-off of Doctor Who actually) that was picked up by Starz in order to give us a new season. Of course, Starz is billing the show as its own or at least leading people to believe that (even Access Hollywood hadn’t apparently done enough research to understand that).


So will you be watching Torchwood: Miracle Day?

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