Geeky Cakes

All of the talk about cake during the Royal Wedding a few weeks ago made me hungry. So I went on a search throughout the web for the geekiest cakes I could find. My birthday is in October, by the way, you know… just in case you want to get me something cool:

Lego Batman Cake

This cake was designed by Elisa Strauss and was created for the launch of the Lego Batman game. It almost breaks my heart that people ate this.

Star Trek Cake

If you have ever watched “Ace of Cakes,” you probably recognize this as a Charm City Cakes masterpiece.

Zombie Wedding Cake

Best wedding cake ever. This one is by Mike’s Amazing Cakes in Seattle. Photo via noblerobinette on Flickr. I really feel the royal couple should have gone with this one.

Cyberman Cake

My absolute favorite Doctor Who villain all done up in cake! What’s not to love? You can order this one ahead of time (hint, hint).

Gollum Cake

My preciousssss….. This cake came from the That Takes the Cake sci-fi-themed cake show in Austin last year. It’s by Brian Stevens of Crazy Cakes.

Are you hungry yet?

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