Fringe Season Finale (Spoiler Alert)

My initial reaction at the end of the Fringe season finale that aired on Friday was this:


But wow, what a way to leave us hanging through the summer.

The entire season (as well as the entire series) has been building up to this particular episode. All along, we knew there was something special about Peter. We also knew that The Observers knew something we didn’t.

The episode started 15 years into our universe’s future. Last week, Peter plugged himself into the machine and woke up in the future. The future is sort of what we might have expected: Peter and Olivia are married and the Fringe division has taken on more of a role in the normal goings-on of the world. The universe is still falling apart and someone seems to be helping it to end at a progressively faster rate than it would have done on its own.

We learn that because Peter turned the machine off the 15 years ago that he destroyed the alternate universe. But we also learn that the two universes are inextricably linked and in destroying one, Peter also began the destruction of our own universe.

Fortunately, Peter is able to go back into time to when he stepped into the machine and change things. He opens a wormhole where both Fringe divisions in both universes can work together to save both worlds.

A happy ending, right? Think again….

Suddenly, in mid-conversation, Peter disappears. And minutes later, we see The Observers. Who let us in on the big secret:

Peter doesn’t exist. Nor has he ever existed. The final conversation between two of The Observers went like this:

Observer 1: You were right, they don’t remember Peter.
Observer 2: How could they? He never existed. He served his purpose.

And then I screamed. What a wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey mind-bender!

Of course now that I’ve thought about the episode, it’s impossible that Peter never truly existed as none of this would have happened without him. Walter hadto have ¬†opened a door to the alternate universe to steal Peter from Walternate, which is what caused the universes to begin falling apart, in the first place. So WTF? If Peter never existed, the two universes would not even be aware of each other.

I want to give major kudos to Josh Jackson. He took the character of Peter and made this his shining moment. If he is not nominated for an Emmy, I would be terribly disapointed. The same goes for John Noble, who has consistently given us a great performance in his turn as two different versions of the same man.

So what did you think about the season finale?

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