Doctor Who: The Curse of the Black Spot (Spoilers)

Arghhhhhh! Here there be pirates. But this is not Pirates of the Caribbean and the only Captain Jack that’s available is a horny bi-sexual from god knows what planet.

Okay, I lied, there is no Captain Jack of any variety at all in this latest episode of Doctor Who. But I half expected to see Johnny Depp chewing scenery somewhere in the background.

Curse of the Black Spot starts out as one of those adventurous episodes that fans always love. What’s not to like about the Doctor and pirates? Except, of course, the TARDIS happens to land our lovable team (Rory, Amy and the Doctor) in the middle of what seems to be a cursed ship. Men have been answering the call of the siren and disappearing from the face of the earth.

So we have a grand piratey adventure with the three and what’s left of the ship’s crew: the captain and his stowaway son.

Fortunately, as always, the Doctor figures everything out, but in the end, it’s Amy that saves the day. Well ,not really, but she does save Rory’s life in an emotional scene at the end, that I’ll admit had me crying. I just really expect this show to kill off Rory (again) and I would be seriously upset if that happens.

We also got a flashback or dream or something with the woman in the eye-patch who had been seen briefly in last week’s episode. Just who is she? And what is her connection to Amy?

We also find out that Amy is both pregnant and not pregnant, as previously shown last week, as well.

Oh, and I miss River Song already. Bring her back.

As far as companions go, I’m 100% Team Rory. I’ve been on the fence about Amy since she joined the Doctor from the beginning. I like her some episodes, but not all. This week,  I was a little confused as to how she suddenly became a swashbuckling sword swinger, although we have no reason to believe that she’s ever handled a sword in her life. Is she really good at EVERYTHING? Personally, I’d much rather see the Doctor with the sword swinging from the ropes. I often feel that so much focus is put on Amy lately that it detracts from the Doctor. It’s HIS job to save the day, not hers.

I did like Lily Cole’s silent acting as the siren. It’s probably not a big stretch, but she has one of those faces I’d like to see more often on t.v. and film.

Next week? We’ve got “The Doctor’s Wife” penned by Neil Gaiman. I am beyond stoked for that. I remember when it was just a silly rumor that Gaiman would write an episode, but somehow rumor has become fact and we’ll finally see if all that speculation was worth it.

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