Doctor Who Season Premiere Episodes (Spoilers, Sweetie)

So I thought I would wait until both episodes of the two-part storyline aired for the Doctor Who season premiere to review what’s happened so far. There’s just one problem, though: my brain hurts.

So this review will probably be more like “wtf?” and a lot of questions because that’s where the show has left us fans.


I think my head just imploded.

So to sort of recap:

“The Impossible Astronaut” (Part 1) starts out with a 200-year-older Doctor getting shot by something inside a space suit. We later find out (thanks to wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey) that there’s a young girl in the space suit (or is there?) and that she is somehow special. The space suit is an exoskeletal body that the girl lives in, but as to why, we are not given a reason.

The Silence are here and boy, are they SCARY. Really… there is nothing creepier than a  monster that disappears from your memory if you look away. And for some reason, Amy decided to tell the Doctor that she was pregnant. Meanwhile, the Doctor is helping President Nixon and a man from the FBI (guest star Mark Sheppard) to figure out just what’s going on with a little girl who keeps calling President Nixon’s phone. This has something to do with the Silence, although now I’m confused as to what the little girl was doing with them in part 2. It’s not very clear. Maybe I need a re-watch.

Anyway, in part 2, “Day of the Moon,” Amy is grabbed by the Silence (that scene in the orphanage was terrifying!) and to sum everything up quickly, the Doctor saves her (with the help of River and Rory, obviously) and they get away in the TARDIS. But then we find out that Amy is not pregnant (or is she?) and we see the little girl on the streets regenerating.

I’ve left out a lot of details as there was so much going on in these two episodes that I just couldn’t keep up. I’m only a simple American, after all!

So let’s discuss the simpler things. Seeing Doctor Who actually filmed in the United States was pretty awesome. I love the UK, but there is just such a vastness to some places here that can’t compare (the scenes shot in Utah were breathtaking). And also knowing that the episode was shot on location just makes the show and the Doctor that much more larger than life. As an American, I have to admit, it made me a bit proud, especially with the show becoming so popular here.

There was a bit of silliness, as well, as we have come to expect – those scenes that are just downright fun. I admit to giggling during that scene where River jumped off of the building in New York only to have the TARDIS materialize underneath her so that she could land in its swimming pool.

So we are left with so many questions for the new season that I don’t know where to begin. I’ve read a few rumors that some believe that the little girl was Amy’s child, but I’ve also read that people believe her to be the child of River Song and the Doctor. The regeneration leads us to believe that she is time lord or part time lord. I had a thought that she could even be River Song, but I don’t think that’s possible, although with River Song and the Doctor’s timelines being out of sync, who knows what’s possible?

But we do know one thing (maybe) that was shown to us at the beginning. The child kills the Doctor. Or that’s what we’re being led to believe. As fans of the show, we know that the things we think we have figured out are usually completely different, in the end.

I do have one theory about River Song, though. I think she’s the Rani. The Rani did kill the 6th Doctor and forced him to regenerate into the 7th, after all. And considering she says she killed the best man she knew, that would make sense. Although that would mean the Doctor would know her, right? Unless she’s regenerated and has somehow disguised the fact that she’s a time lady. If I recall, though, didn’t she give the Doctor an amnesia drug at that point? I might be onto something here…

All I can say, at this point, is job well done, Doctor Who. I cannot wait to see what the rest of the season has in store for us. Coming up next week: Pirates! Arrrrrrgh!

Do you have any theories? Let me know in the comments below.

4 thoughts on “Doctor Who Season Premiere Episodes (Spoilers, Sweetie)

  • May 2, 2011 at 6:16 pm

    I was kind of…meh about it. It felt like “Here’s an episode with about 4-5 story arcs for us to use later on”

    And how are they going to get out of that trap at the beginning? They can’t have the Doctor’s Death here, this ain’t George R R Martin!

    • May 2, 2011 at 7:14 pm

      I was wondering about that myself. I’m assuming we’ll find out alter in the season. I did forget to mention that it bugged me that the beginning of the episode completely glossed over what happened at the end of “The Impossible Astronaut.” And that the only thing we discovered is that Amy didn’t shoot the girl because she missed. That entire moment didn’t seem as big of a deal after that.

  • May 2, 2011 at 6:34 pm

    OK – so theories, for what it’s worth! đŸ˜‰

    River isn’t the Rani, I don’t think. The Rani is a Time Lord and they were all deaded in the Time War, unless you fob-watched yourself back to a human for a while. That would mean that RiverRani fob-watched herself a long long time ago. Possible, as The Master did it, although she would still have to be fob-watched otherwise The Doctor would have sensed she was a Time Lord (especially is such “close proximity” to her). On her death at the Library, if she was Time Lord, she would have regenerated, surely? (And don’t call me Shirley!)

    I know not who she is – maybe a time agent like Captain Jack? A human, but from the far future, perhaps. But not Time Lord. From the amount of flirting, I’d guess future wife.

    The little regenerating girl: obviously Time Lord and there’s only two of those around that we know of so far. One is The Master – a possibility, but probably unlikely – although there’s no reason why a Time Lord can’t change gender when regenerating and if you were The Master, why would you regenerate into someone so young. Why not someone of, say, John Simm’s age. Oh. The other possibility, of course is Jenny – the Doctor’s so-called “daughter”. She had two hearts (as was stated in the ep) and exhibited signs of regeneration at the end of the episode when she supposedly came back from the dead. She is, therefore, allegedly Time Lord and therefore could have the ability to regenerate. If she regenerated for the first time, she may have regenerated “too young” and been caught by The Silence. The “Jenny” theory is my favourite at the moment!

    The Amy pregnancynot pregnancy I have no substantial theories on at the moment. It would be unlikely (but again, quite possibly) that the offspring could have some sort of “time head” as a result of travelling in the TARDIS, but I would think it unlikely to be The Doctor’s. If she is, it would be Rory’s. Could be wrong there!! It could be (as the results of the fluctuations on the TARDIS scanner) something completely different and nothing to do with The Doctor or Rory.

    Changing the subject a little – I agree with you that it was nice to have the ep part filmed in the US. I suspect thay they could have green-screened (CSO’d) a good deal of it, but it was quite lovely to have it “live” so to speak and capture the beauty of that area. Loved that a lot.

    Also love the little things with River flying the TARDIS and the little rescue missions The Doctor performs to capture her. The level of trust between River and The Doctor must be very very high indeed – a telling point, perhaps?

    Finally then, the issue of the 200 year older Doctor being killed by the spacesuit. Like the child regenerating, a pure WTF moment. No theories. Bah.

    • May 2, 2011 at 7:16 pm

      Yeah, there was entirely too much WTF? moments for me in this episode. I’m assuming we’ll get answers, but now we have to wait out the entire season for them. I don’t like waiting! LOL

      I thought that the girl might be Jenny, but we’ve never seen a child timelord before. And I would’ve thought that the Doctor would have recognized her as such in the space suit.

      In the end, though, I’m completely perplexed. And knowing Mr. Moffat, I’m sure that all of our theories are completely wrong.

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