An Open Letter to SyFy

Dear SyFy,

You’ve stopped responding to my tweets, so this letter serves to inform you that I no longer find your services useful. At first, your streaming policy was pretty straightforward. We got to view shows a day after they aired on your network. Like almost every other network (save for CBS, who refuse to stream at all, and are idiots for it).

But then you decided to change your policy mid-season for many of your shows to a 30-day wait. So now fans of your shows were forced to wait 30 days after an episode aired to view it. But you were very sneaky as you would usually post the first few episodes of a show online the day after and THEN instill the 30-day wait.

You kept giving excuses for “contractual obligations,” but I’m not buying it when other television networks, including NBC (which OWNS you) makes their stuff not only available on their website the day after it airs, but also on Hulu and Hulu Plus. Your excuses are crap.

But now? Now you have suddenly decided that you will now not air episodes of shows online until after the season has ended for those shows. But you still give the teasers at the beginning of the season.

Do you know what this does? It guarantees that people are going to illegally download your shows. In fact, if you bothered to read comments on your shows’ pages on your website and Hulu, you’d see that fans are actually swapping links for places to illegally download your shows. Obviously, this doesn’t help your precious ratings at all. Did you not learn anything from the fiasco that became today’s music industry? (I know, you keep telling me it’s not the same, but you’re sure making the same stupid mistakes.)

So what exactly is your point? How is this helping? Again, you say this gets more people to view live. But tell me, which part of “people now have busy lives and don’t LIKE to view live” do you not understand? In this digital age, which also includes DVR’s and online streaming, people don’t want to be forced to be tied down to their television set to view live. And you explain that ratings still almost entirely depend on this.

Yes, we get it. Nielsen is outdated. But rather than doing something about it, you continue to operate within its confines.

Which is sad because you claim to be one of those networks that is so progressive in its thinking. You actually dare to use the slogan “Imagine greater.” When all you really do is “Imagine lesser.” You’re such a hypocrite.

I challenge you, SyFy, I challenge you to think outside the box. Because it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that the Nielsen ratings are already completely outdated and pointless. ESPECIALLY when it comes to fans of scifi, who tend to be more technologically advanced than their other television viewing counterparts.

So Syfy, game on. You have the opportunity. Do something greater.

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