XBox 360 Finally Gets Hulu Plus

This was announced yesterday, but I downloaded Hulu Plus on my XBox 360 today and gave it a test run. It was really odd how the announcement was made only a day before it was available, but it did give me something to look forward to today that wasn’t the royal wedding.

I’ve been a Hulu user for some time, especially since I cancelled my DirecTV. I believe in a la carte television viewing and considering I was paying over $100 per month for about 5 channels that I watched regularly, which is pretty ridiculous in this economy. So Hulu and Netflix became my new alternatives. And oddly enough, I now watch more t.v. than I did when I had satellite. Mostly because I can pick and choose what I want to watch and not have to spend hours looking through the guide to see that there was nothing interesting on.

Enter Hulu Plus. I was holding out for Hulu Plus on the XBox as I figured I’d get more of my money’s worth (all $7.99/month of it) once that was available. I have my PC hooked up into my t.v. for web viewing, but since I still haven’t been able to find a remote other than G-Mote for my Android phone to control Hulu (and most of the usual video controls don’t work), I’d much rather use my Microsoft remote that works with my XBox.

So I signed up for Hulu Plus this morning and so far, I am impressed. The quality is better than normal Hulu (I hadn’t realized what a difference it was until I watched it in HD). The set-up is almost identical to that of Netflix on the console, as well. So far, it seems that my $7.99/month won’t be wasted.

I’m spending less than $25 per month on television now (including my XBox Live subscription, which I also use for gaming) and have more options than I had when I was spending $100 per month on satellite.

How can this not be the future of t.v.?

My only complaint about Hulu Plus is that some of the SyFy shows I like aren’t available on it yet. I’m not surprised, though, since SyFy seems be stuck in the dark ages when it comes to embracing online streaming. Sort of disappointing considering that it’s supposedly a science fiction based network. Also, the CW isn’t on Hulu at all (again, they just don’t get it), but since I only watch two shows on that network, I’m not going to cry about it.

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