Watch out for necromorphs… and cats…

I love Dead Space. And I love the guys at Visceral Games. And yet for some reason, I still haven’t played Dead Space 2. Probably because I’m so behind on games, as it is. But I will get around to it, I promise! And eventually, there might even be a review of the awesomeness of the game here on the blog. Because it will be awesome, I’m sure. The people behind it are, after all.

And that leads me to an anecdote on Dead Space and a time in my life when things were not so very rosy.

Last summer, my mother was in a bad car accident. I won’t go into details, but it was, obviously, very difficult for me and my family. I spent a lot of time driving to and from Memphis to visit her in the hospital for several months (about 100 miles each way) and my nights were spent playing video games because that was my escape and my only way of getting out of my own head for a few hours every day. And one of the games that I began playing (for the second time through) was Dead Space.

If you are one of the few who haven’t played it, the game is uber-creepy and has a tendency to make you jump out of your seat. You never know when the necromorphs (the particular brand of beasties you have to face in the Dead Space games) are coming and they always seem to appear out of nowhere and scare you out of your wits.

I was playing the game on my XBox 360, which I kept sitting in the upright position next to my television stand. During gameplay, one evening, my cat, Maggie, suddenly leaped onto the console and not only knocked the XBox over, but in the process, also destroyed the Dead Space disk inside. If you have an XBox, I bet you know EXACTLY what I’m talking about – that little scratch ring around the disk rendering it unplayable. Of course, this is due to Microsoft’s complete lack of considering such things when designing the XBox, but I digress.

My game was destroyed. So I do what anyone would do. I tweeted about it.

But what I did not expect was to get a tweet back from the @deadspace team asking for my mailing address so that they could replace my game free of charge.

Nice guys, huh?

A week later, I had a shiny new copy of the game, but also a special treat. Along with some teaser promo pieces for Dead Space 2, I got a special sketch from Dead Space Art Director Ian Milham:

And that made me remember how to smile. Because even during a very difficult time, some video game company who didn’t even know me decided to do this one little kindness. Thank you Visceral and Dead Space team. I still think you guys ROCK.

And yes, my XBox is now sitting on its side underneath my t.v. safely (hopefully) from my cat’s reach.

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