No Ordinary Family Season Finale

It’s been a week since it originally aired, so if you haven’t watched the season finale of ABC’s “No Ordinary Family” and keep reading, you should know, there will be spoilers.

I have a love/hate relationship with this show. I love some of the characters (could Joshua and Katy be more adorable and doomed?) and some of the characters I could do without (that shapeshifter… just ugh!). And even though I’ve seen some of my favorites on the show (Lucy Lawless, Eric Balfour and Tricia Helfer as guest stars and Julie Benz and Michael Chiklis as the head of the family), I cannot say that I always like these particular actors in these roles.

I did like the season finale, though. Up to a point.

One, someone might need to correct me on this, but didn’t Katy just find out she was pregnant a week ago? And now… suddenly, she looks like she’s ready to pop. Did I miss the predictable episode where we discover that because the baby is a super that it is resulting in a quick pregnancy? I don’t know why, but this little detail seriously bugs me.

Also, I hate it when characters get killed off over and over, only to be revived, over and over. This really lessens the emotional impact that losing a character on a show can have. So when Jim comes back from the (faked) dead, I was overtly disappointed. Wouldn’t the show be more interesting if the family had to deal with the loss of the father?

Instead, everyone lives (except for Dr. Caine, who may or may not be dead, depending on the lameness of the show’s writers). And in the end, the government is coming to the family asking for their super help to fight crime and solve mysteries.

Like I said, there’s a level of predictability with this show that does disappoint me, at times. It could really be so much more.

What makes the show still mostly good, though, is the relationship the family members have with each other. And I think the writers need to remember that this is what the show is about. This episode showed some of that, and I really liked seeing the family members team up together.

But hey, as long as Josh Stewart is on-screen, I’ll keep watching. There’s something very interesting about him and the way he plays the character of Joshua. I found the episodes without him this season rather boring.

It has not yet been announced (as far as I know) if the show will be renewed for next season. I will say that it is a million times better than “The Cape,” but that’s honestly not saying much.

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