Guest Post: Doctor Who Rumors…

I for one will be glad when the various mysteries that this 6th season of Doctor Who is waiting to unfold will reveal. If one has been looking in any corner of the internet there are all kinds of rumors going around. It’s always amusing to people who proclaim they know what’s going to happen, and what past actor might be returning to the show.

So yes, these new trailers that the BBC has released about season six of Doctor Who. Yep, there was an older version of the TARDIS ┬áin it with some yellow energy. There was also somebody, who in a lot of shadows, might appear to be David Tennant. Will he be back? Might he return? Who knows? Just as long as Rose stays away for good with her Doctor clone, I’ll be pleased. The series has had enough of ‘clingy 20-something women fawning all over the Doctor. I’ll even put Amy into that category.

River Song as the wife? People have thought she might be his wife, just because apparently it’s been hinted at and the word ‘wife’ is in an upcoming episode. But does that mean she will be his wife? Hopefully not. Besides, the Doctor has been engaged on at least two occasions ( in the Aztecs and The Christmas Carol ) .. and married at least once ( The End of Time ). Those in itself could be rumors, but they were mentioned in those various episodes. But what woman could domesticate a self-proclaimed Space Gandalf? Rose couldn’t do it. Martha didn’t have a chance, nor did any of the other companions. If anybody ever had a shot at putting a halt to the CSTE ( Complex Space Time Event ) it would have been Sarah Jane Smith. The good thing about that is that it was done on a more subtle level, at least how she felt about him. So please. No. River as his wife? Yuck.

Romana? Perhaps. Romana and the Doctor always had an interesting relationship ( on and off screen ). She was probably the only Timelordess whom could have him jump at her every command. If not jump, then strongly suggest he should do something without much complaining. Though at the last we knew in the series, she was somewhere in E-Space. Which it is rather difficult to travel back and forth from E-Space to the N-Space. Though thanks to RTD, characters could get out of other realities on a whim. So anything is possible.

The Rani? Well I’m tending to not lean towards that one. She never really could stand being around the Doctor… both times that she was in various episodes. Even if she can make herself up to look like other people and pretend to get along with him? I still have my doubts. I don’t see River as the mad scientist type that Rani was. They both like technology, and thats probably as similar as they get. I’ve never seen River with any cranky mutant bat things, which needed special parasites and a chemical for the human brain to keep them calm… as henchmen.

Omega? This would be rather fantastic if it were true, but its probably a far… FAR stretch. I’m thinking this might be possible since ( for whatever reason ) .. River Song had the Omega symbol on a jacket in the Weeping Angels episodes. Perhaps that was put there as a hint, just like they did with the Vote Saxon signs before he was elected. I’m sure Timelords could switch genders if they wished it so. Not that I’m even sure Omega is still alive. But we’ve seen other Timelords ‘die’ to only reappear three or four episodes later. Well maybe that was only The Master who was good at such things. But for Omega to return? That would be cool.

The Master? No. Timelocked somewhere in Gallifrey. Probably isn’t getting out for the sixth season. Damnit.

His Mom? No. If anybody would have been his mom I figured she would have been that one lady in The End of Time who kept appearing now and then. They seemed to have a silent understanding of who each other was.

Some are having some crazy theories that River is the future Amy. The reasons why: Amy and younger Amy have appeared together already. Not much thought in that one, hmmm?

River Song is a TARDIS? It’s mainly been in the books and many fan-made audio dramas ( not sure if that made its way into the Big Finish ones). The TARDIS has a mind of its own. It is grown, not created. It can talk to the Doctor now and then. Even the fact that River Song carries around a diary that looks like a TARDIS, that is making people think she might be in fact the Doctor’s TARDIS. I’m not sure if I buy that one or not. River being in the TARDIS … and it didn’t cause problems … constantly? Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. That timeloop thing in The Big Bang or The Pandorica Opens ( can’t remember which ) where River was trapped within. Does that point towards the fact that she is a TARDIS? If so where are all of the problems from this happening?

On that note: Young Amy and present day married Amy having had contact with each other. Shouldn’t that be bad? Just because most of the Timelords are either gone or Timelocked, would that just cancel out the natural laws of the Universe? I recall in a Peter Davison episode, the Brig was running around in two aspects of himself. The Doctor then was practically having a panic attack ( as was the Black Guardian ) trying to keep him from meeting himself. Saying something like if the Brig from 1977 and his other self from 1983 or so.. met.. it would short out the space time continuum. Notice the lack of the Doctor caring that two Amy’s were in the same location? Just food for thought while I’m pondering on all of the various River Song rumors.

I’m thinking she’s going to have something to do with the Doctor’s next regeneration. She kills a man, a good man, a man loved by many. They actually had that conversation and he seemed to be asking her… without asking her if he was the good man she spoke about killing.

So who is River Song? What is she? Does she hide her true form with a perception filter? That plot device has been used a lot lately. Anyway, we’ll just have to wait and see who she is. All rumors aside, it better be a really good reason and not an utter let-down. Please Mr Moffat, don’t make it a really crap reason.

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