Guest Post: When I first noticed ‘Who’ …

Probably like most American fans, I first noticed Doctor Who on the local PBS station. Here in Ohio, that happens to be channel 25, which from time to time, I flipped through. It was probably one of those chance things that one runs into during their life. If one asked me to remember which episode I first found, I might be able to recall. As in those days I was starting to record them on VHS tapes. This was back in the era before DVDs had been in stores, and perhaps before their creation. It was probably somewhere in the mid to late 1980’s, seeing as Channel 25 had acquired a few Sylvester McCoy episodes. So during their local pledge drives they showed Doctor Who. It was a bit annoying when they kept interrupting the episode so that the Hosts of the drive could get on camera and talk. But they did show some interesting items, and let the audience see the people who were taking calls. Most of which were in costume, some type of Gallifreyan outfit mostly. So I suppose back then I had my first taste of cosplay, but I had no idea of what that was at that point. Episodes were usually aired around 11pm at night, on Saturdays.

I was either 13 or 14 when I was first exposed to Doctor Who. I’m guessing it was either “Dragonfire”,” The Greatest Show in the Galaxy” or “The Five Doctors” which had me an instant fan. But at that time one couldn’t label me as a Whovian. Not just yet. Back then the show was just starting to come out on VHS tapes, and if I remember correctly I didn’t get my first copy of it until the early 90’s. One never forgets their first fandom, and one never forgets the first episode they had purchased. It was the Peter Davison episode called “Terminus”. As far as I remember, that was the only episode that introduced the subject of leprosy, which was almost out of place in a science fiction show. But somehow the writers made it work. That seemed to be a running theme that the Doctor Who writers held onto, blending sci-fi and medieval diseases and/or concepts. Which I suppose is why the show has such a huge following: it has gone places that more conventional science fictions dare not tread. Characters in sci-fi shows are typically so serious. It’s rare that they are written using a long scarf as a means to trip an enemy, or use it to rappell down the face of a cliff. If you’re a fan, I don’t have to tell you which incarnation of the Doctor did that stuff!

I suppose at this point, owning 92 DVD’s, a few of the New Adventures Novels, and various RP’s over the years one could classify me as a Whovian. One of the most common questions thats asked is: Who is your favorite Doctor? That’s a difficult question to answer, but I have to say my favorites are: Patrick Troughton, Peter Davison, Sylvester McCoy, Colin Baker and David Tennant. That’s not to say I don’t enjoy the other actors, those are just my personal favorites.

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