It’s Supernatural (Possible Spoilers)


I have been watching “Supernatural” since it first aired six seasons ago.

But the most recent episode has probably been my favorite ever. So I’m going to warn you now… potential spoilers ahead.

In the most recent episode, Sam and Dean are thrown through a window to end up in an alternate reality. The alternate reality is actually “our” world, where Sam and Dean are Jared and Jensen (the actors that play the characters on the show). So the episode took this premise that Sam and Dean still THINK they are Sam and Dean but they have a chance to see how their actor counterparts actually live in this world.

I laughed through most of the episode as it was more or less written as having them make fun of themselves as actors and as people. Watching Sam and Dean max out their counterparts’ credit cards was funny, but seeing Jared’s face when he realized that he’d married Ruby (or rather, Genevieve Cortese Padalecki, Jared Padalecki’s actual wife) in that world was priceless. Also, it was nice to see her back on the show, even if she was playing herself this time. I always liked Ruby.

However, Misha Collins stole the episode. I had NO idea how huge he was on Twitter (his actor counterpart was tweeting everything in the episode and it was funny), but I added him (@mishacollins for those of you who are curious) and found out that this guy is hysterical and does tweet quite a bit and has garnered quite a following. And the tweets from the show apparently made it to his real Twitter account. WIN!

It was a great episode and really a good example of why the series has lasted six seasons. In the end, this show has a sense of humor (although it can be scary at times) and doesn’t take itself too seriously. But it’s the relationship between the two brothers, Sam and Dean, that make it interesting to watch week after week. And kudos to Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki for pulling that off.

In fact, the best line of the episode was, “We’re not even brothers in this world.” And it was almost heartbreaking to hear because that relationship is so believable on-screen.

Count “Supernatural” as one more thing I’m a fan of.

However, you’ll never see me at a Supernatural convention….

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