Gallifrey One 2012

The first guests for Gallifrey One 2012 were announced yesterday and they include Paul McGann. Now this is a very big deal for me, not because it’s my beloved Gallifrey One convention, but also because Paul McGann was the 8th Doctor. And my first Doctor.

It’s long been said that you never forget your first Doctor, after all. And after last year, McGann was very close to becoming my all-time favorite (he’s only second to David Tennant) thanks to the Big Finish audio Adventures he’s done. Those audio adventures got me through a very difficult time of my life (not to mention some very long drives related to that) and I now might have the opportunity to thank him in person for that.

Even better? Jake McGann, the son of my first doctor, will also be in attendance. Jake actually portrayed the grandson of the Doctor in the audio adventures.

If you are a Doctor Who fan and have never been to Gallifrey One, you are completely missing out. This is probably the best con you will ever go to and also probably the friendliest.


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