Crysis 2 Review (XBox 360)

Crysis 2 Review (XBox 360)

I guess I should start by saying that I never played the first Crysis. So that is probably going to show in my review here. But Crysis 2 looked so good at E3 last year, I thought it was the must-have game of the year. It certainly looked impressive.

At least until I played it. I’m not a huge fan of straight-up shooters, to begin with. If I play a shooter, I want there to be some sort of storyline and a reason to be shooting. If has a just mindless and kill everything attitude, I usually end up bored and frustrated.

And Crysis 2 puts me in the bored and frustrated category. It’s one of the few games I will probably not complete.

Other reviews says that it takes a few hours to find its story, but I’ve already played for those few hours and I really don’t see anything resembling a story, except some scientist guy telling me to come find him while being chased by aliens and the military alike, while he changes locations every level. EVERYONE is an enemy, in this game, apparently, as well. So you just shoot everything in your path and make your way to this guy who keeps moving around. That is NOT a story. There is also no dialogue, very few cut scenes and no impetus or rewards for continuing to play, so why bother?

Yes, I know my review is different from everyone else’s, who thought this game was brilliant. But this is my blog and this is my review.

I, personally, think gameplay for Crysis 2 SUCKS. I can’t think of a better word for it. It’s a mindless shooter that is all shooting for no sake other than shooting. From experience, I know a first-person shooter does not have to be like that. Take a look at better games, like Bioshock, for an example. Or even the underrated Singularity. Or Dead Space. These are all shooters that have remarkable stories. This game… does not. But then again, I haven’t played the entire thing. Maybe it gets better. Unfortunately, I don’t want to trudge through any more of the game to find out.

The only thing I have to say that is positive about Crysis 2 is that it looks good. The graphics are gorgeous. It’s a pity they’re wasted on a whole lot of nothing. There are glitches, though. Sometimes things get stuck in walls and objects appear out of nowhere. Enemies occasionally are found walking in circles (at least that makes them easy targets) or into each other. So even that is not perfect.

Also, I did not play the game in 3D. Because bored and frustrated PLUS a headache is a bad combination.

This is when I’m grateful for Gamefly and can just ship it back without worrying about blowing $60 on a game I hated.

Have you played the game? Is there any redeeming quality that I might have missed?

  1. William BunchWilliam Bunch03-29-2011

    You fail. 🙁 Sorry.

  2. Yeah, that’s kind of the idea of Crysis, actually. It’s always been a kill all that moves kind of game. I feel like I got some gratification when I finally met up with the scientist. That and just the satisfaction of mowing down everything in the best tactical way imaginable.

  3. Also, I’m one of the lucky people who can’t get into his Steam account because it’s got my old, hacked email and Steam Guard says no. So, I’m waiting on Steam to step it up. I even used my Half-Life 2 CD Key to verify. Lucky I was still able to dig that up.

  4. Robin BurksRobin Burks03-29-2011

    Sorry, but a game where the enemies run around in circles doesn’t entertain me. Oh, and run into walls. And then appear and disappear at random. This game is buggier than Fallout New Vegas.

  5. Must be an Xbox thing, I didn’t see a single issue of that on the PC.

  6. Robin BurksRobin Burks03-29-2011

    I’m just glad I didn’t pay for it. I hate games that have no real story. And I’m still confused as to why the enemy is both the aliens and the military. I would think, it would make more sense if everyone was shooting at the aliens!

  7. Well, much like the first one, the military (CELL in this case, instead of the Koreans) want to harvest the power of the Nanosuit and the aliens. So, this greed turns them into auto-firing lunatics. It’s just got to be the right game for the right person, ya know? Like, I see people playing CS:S for days straight and all you do is kill before you get killed. But, I have to admit, I’m rather fond of shooters with deep storylines, but I wouldn’t say that this game sucked in my experience. Like I said, once my Steam account is returned to me, I’ll be powering through the game to see where it goes with the storyline.

  8. Robin BurksRobin Burks03-29-2011

    I don’t hate shooters, because I think there are some really good ones out there. Even Half Life 2 managed to put together a story that made sense. I think I’m spoiled, because when I play a shooter, I expect that.

  9. Robin BurksRobin Burks03-29-2011

    But now I have Dragon Age 2 to entertain me. Although I have been warned it’s nowhere near as good as the first one.

  10. Robin BurksRobin Burks03-29-2011

    Btw, dude, play Singularity. GREAT shooter and very cool storyline.

  11. nwbnwb05-05-2011

    Good review. My thoughts exactly. I have it on PC, and the AI is laughable. Enemies spawn right in front of your eyes occasianally. Way to ruin all immersion. Two or three enemies are standing in a group 50 meters or so away. Shoot one of them in the arm, observe; not a single one of them reacts in any way, not even the guy being shot at. Crysis 2 really does suck.

    • Robin BurksRobin Burks05-05-2011

      So it sounds that the PC version has the same problems as the XBox version. I don’t understand why everyone is saying this game is so great!

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