Being Human (The US Version)

I will begin this by saying that I am a HUGE fan of the original BBC series of this show. So when I first heard that this was being translated into an American series for the SyFy Network, I had serious reservations. I am, after all, usually very unhappy with what ends up airing on this side of the pond. However, in this case, my reservations have been unjustified. I actually LIKE the US version of “Being Human.”

If you are unfamiliar with the premise of either series, here’s a synopsis. A vampire, a werewolf and a ghost are living together in an apartment. Sounds like one of those bar jokes, right? But the series revolves around what it means to be human and how the characters strive to hold onto their humanity (which can be difficult when you’re not human, to begin with).

The UK series does this very well. You really FEEL for the characters and forget that they’re also monsters. And you also get an insight that humans are often monsters themselves. I was really afraid that the US version of the series would shy away from that, but so far, it’s tackled these issues head-on.

As far as casting goes for the US series, Sam Witwer and Sam Huntington nail the roles of the vampire and the werewolf.  As Aidan (the character name being an homage to the actor who portrays the vampire in the UK series), Witwer is more than believable as the tormented vampire desperate to cure himself of his blood lust. And Huntington shines as the naive werewolf, Josh, who is also struggling with coming to terms with what he really is. Both actors have a great chemistry in their scenes together and make the relationship between the two seem utterly believable.

Unfortunately, I don’t feel the same about the ghost character (Sally) who is portrayed by Megan Rath. There is just something extra special about Lenora Crichlow (the UK ghost, Annie) that Rath seems to be lacking. It’s not that Megan’s peformance in the US series is bad. It’s just that if you’re familiar with both versions, the comparision cannot help but to be made. Lenora Crichlow just knows how to make a scene shine when she’s in it.

We have been promised that some of the story will be changed (as it has already shown with Josh, the werewolf, having a sister) for the U.S. market. I am very curious as to how different the two stories will become as I am watching both (season 3 for the UK series ended this week).

If SyFy doesn’t screw this up, this could be a real winner.

If you would like to watch the US Being Human, Amazon has it available on their Video On Demand. I definitely recommend checking it out.

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