Arkham City Preview

Batman: Arkham CityOne of my favorite games in the past few years has been Batman: Arkham Asylum. Mostly, I loved it because of those little tricks the Sandman plays on you during the game. In fact, at one point, I thought my XBox was going all red ring on me. There’s a section of the game where the screen gets fuzzy and looks like an XBox about to have a meltdown. ┬áSo thinking that’s EXACTLY what was happening, I turned the XBox off and then on again and re-started from my last save point.

Except it happened again. But at least it only took me once to fall for the trick as it was PART OF THE GAME. It was yet another one of the mind tricks Sandman plays throughout the course of the story. It was beyond brilliant.

Unfortunately, thanks to a cat, my XBox did go all red ring on me later on, but that’s a whole other story and involves necromorphs.

On to what this point is really about: unless you live under a rock (or are not into video games and then I have to ask … WHY ARE YOU HERE?), you know that there’s a sequel coming out called Batman: Arkham City.

So… how about a trailer?

G4 did a good preview of the game here: Batman Arkham City GDC 2011 Preview.

As I see it, this is going to be a MUST HAVE. So will you be playing Arkham City when it comes out this October?

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