• Dw22

    New Full Length Doctor Who Trailer

    We finally have a full trailer for the new season of Doctor Who. And it looks exciting! Also, is that The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus’ Lily Cole I see?

  • Lxd2

    The LXD

    I watch Hulu, a lot. I don’t have cable or satellite anymore (except for cable internet), so Hulu serves as my source of television-related entertainment, along with Netflix.

    For the past few months, Hulu kept showing me a message that I should check out a web series called The LXD. The LXD stands for The Legion of Extraordinary Dancers.

  • Crysis 2 System Requirements1

    Crysis 2 Review (XBox 360)

    I guess I should start by saying that I never played the first Crysis. So that is probably going to show in my review here. But Crysis 2 looked so good at E3 last year, I thought it was the must-have game of the year. It certainly looked impressive.

  • New Continuum: Kiera Goes Into Hiding

    Underrated Celebrity Tweeters, Part 4

    And so, we come to another edition of Underrated Celebrity Tweeters. I am still looking for your suggestions, too! Just remember, this list is for those who have less than 1,000,000 followers.

  • Twitter1

    Celebrating the History of Twitter

    National Geographic wouldn’t touch the documentary, but fortunately Funny Or Die gave us this piece that looks back through the history of Twitter.

  • Stetson1

    Doctor Who New Season Prequel

    This is about the most awesome thing I have seen all week. Steven Moffat has given us a short scene as a teaser to the new season of Doctor Who, which starts in April:

  • Img Article Lee Rebecca Black 1348464889162

    Leave Rebecca Black Alone

    By now, everyone knows who Rebecca Black is. And those who don’t are probably not actually reading my blog anyway. But I find it slightly disturbing by the amount of hate being thrown in this young girl’s direction. She’s only 13 years old, after all. And if this were any other 13-year-old, some of the things being said about her online would result in those people getting arrested for harassing a child.

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