Assassins are cool

I just finished Assassins Creed: Brotherhood. Although I had my doubts about continuing Ezio Auditore’s journey as an assassin (see Assassins Creed 2), I still found this an entertaining jaunt. Even if sometimes it did feel more like DLC to the previous game than a standalone.

Let me preface this by saying I love games that require stealth, as well as jumping, climbing and swinging from things. I’m a huge fan of Tomb Raider, Prince of Persia and Saboteur. I also like sneaking around and not having to fight the enemy, if I don’t have to. In fact, one thing I love about the Assassins Creed franchise is the neat way you can sneak up on an enemy, from behind, and stab them in the back before they can utter a warning to their allies. Call me a coward, but that is so much more fun than shooting someone who’s seen you coming and is shooting back.

This game featured a new weapon, the crossbow. Which I liked because it allows you to kill enemies from a distance and seems much more accurate than throwing daggers. You can also fight from atop your horse, although this isn’t a feature I used that often. I did enjoy dragging enemies off of their mounts, however, before I put my dagger into their hearts.

I also liked the ability to have a team of assassins that you can train by sending on various missions and that can be called quickly if you don’t want to get your own hands dirty. Again… call me a coward, but I like being sneaky like that.

Without spoiling the game or its premise, it picks up from where Assassins Creed 2 left off. Desmond is once more put into the Animus to experience the life of Ezio Auditore. We learn a little more about Ezio (who is still extremely hot, which has nothing to do with gameplay, but I thought I would mention that). There is also the continuation of collecting art masterpieces and learning about the history of Rome and its surroundings that was seen in the previous game. I especially liked the ability to re-build Rome by buying buildings and fixing them up to create more income in Ezio’s bank account.

I did complete most of the game, but 100% sync was something I lost sight of early on. It might get frustrating to go for that achievement: I play for fun and I don’t like those urges to throw my XBox 360 out of the window because I couldn’t complete a mission without killing a guy or two or three (or more). So I ignored that, as well as the Leonardo DaVinci quests (seriously, I HATE that flying machine thing!).

The end, as expected, leaves everything hanging in the air (but it is a better ending than its predecessor), preparing us for what I’m sure will be many more games to follow. With something like this, after all, the possibilities are endless.

Did I mention that Ezio is hot? Apparently, he was fashioned after this guy. Yowza.

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